I love black and white photography. I received a Rolleiflex camera, it belonged to the father of a friend and began to use it for all my photography, setting aside the 35mm. Rolls of film only have 12 frames, which means taking time. Taking time to make each frame count. Photography became a form of meditation.

Into the Woods (2000) 
Black and white photograph, silver print
12”w x 12”h

Dipping Cup (2016) 
Color digital print
5”w x 5”h

Idyle (2000) 

In Transit, 36 (1997) 
Black and white photograph

4”w x 4”h $300
4’w x 4’h Mounted between two sheets of plexiglass $2,000
12”w x 12”h $400

Best in Show: Union Street Gallery
2x2x2 Exhibition, 1997

RoomScape (2015) 
Black and white digital print
24”w x 11”h

Not Pot (2015) 
Color digital photo
12”w x 12”h

Walking Toward Eternity (2015) 
Color digital photo
4”w x 4”h

N.A.W.A. Medal of Honor & Amelia Peabody Memorial Award, 2015

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