Why do I love having my hands in clay? Getting dirt under my nails, drying out my already dry skin? I love it because my hands, my fingers, my heart are making something that never existed before. My spirit flies, my mind relaxes and I build, smooth, and glaze a new object. All the pieces are made by hand building. Inspiration for the gold leaf on the broken and cracked edges comes from a part of a poem by Leonard Cohen.

“Ring the bell that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That is how the light gets in.”

Into the Woods (2000) 
Black and white photograph, silver print
12”w x 12”h

Dipping Cup (2016) 
Color digital print
5”w x 5”h

Idyle (2000) 

In Transit, 36 (1997) 
Black and white photograph

4”w x 4”h $300
4’w x 4’h Mounted between two sheets of plexiglass $2,000
12”w x 12”h $400

Best in Show: Union Street Gallery
2x2x2 Exhibition, 1997

RoomScape (2015) 
Black and white digital print
24”w x 11”h

Not Pot (2015) 
Color digital photo
12”w x 12”h

Walking Toward Eternity (2015) 
Color digital photo
4”w x 4”h

N.A.W.A. Medal of Honor & Amelia Peabody Memorial Award, 2015

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