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Pauline in front of Fountain.
3rd-Arc opening. Dec. 17th 2021. Oliva Gallery Chicago. Show runs through January 15th 2022.

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Pauline Kochanski Studio

Artist Statement

While my art ranges in scope from 2-d to 3-d, using a multitude of materials, graphite, ink, ceramic, and more, my intent is constant. My work comes from the heart and the mind. The art reflects my place in the written past, the unknowable future, or the current moment. While my meditation practice keeps me balanced I consider myself a learner, sharer, and teacher. I live, make art, and teach art & meditation in Chicago.


My Passion

Passions change as we grow and mature. Our needs and desires, our passions are malleable, as mine has been. Though there are always a few needs that have stayed with me through the years. Making art has been one of these passions and one of my guiding principles. While art making is a passion so is the desire to find my place and peace in my new world. To that end, I returned to daily meditation and consider myself a learner, sharer, and teacher.

My Work

For years my work focused on black and white photography. The goal was to keep the viewer guessing about what is beyond the fragment I chose. Subjects included people portraits (physiognomy) interior and exterior landscapes (anything can become a landscape.) With the onset of color photography, I could not find my place. I took photos daily and one year posted a new photo every day on a blog, “make art every day.” Returning to my original love of drawing brought me to where I am today. With a color pencil or graphite in hand, I am fulfilled in my art practice. My current subject matter, ‘stones, bones & barbed wire’ comes from my need to understand my family history.

My Life

© Pauline Kochanski


The Past Is Still With Us

Installation series

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Stones From an Unknown Grave

Stone series


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Captures of Time

Photography series

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News and Notice

3rd-Arc Show!
Opens December 17th, 2021 and runs through January 15th 2022.
Oliva Gallery Chicago, IL


Earth Abundance
I am happy to announce I am curating the show “Earth Abundance.” The show opens on April 22nd and closes on May 14th, 2022. More info to come…

Listen to Pauline’s meditations at 3rd-Arc.

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