3rd-Arc is a conscious journey
of life, aging, and truth.



What is 3rd-Arc?

The name 3rd-Arc represents a new chapter of my adult life. My young adulthood that included rebellion and education on multiple levels was the first; then my marriage to Frank. Now I am single again. Facing my later years. Not stopping, just slowing a little.

The plan is to bring meditation, I am now a 100-hour certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher into the discussion of numerous topics from images of aging, conscious aging, grief, self-compassion, creativity, and more. 

Yesterday is written, tomorrow is unknown. Today is the only time we have to act. Each moment is a new moment. Be mindful and aware.

Breathe Peacefully.





02 Breathe

03 A Little History

04 Sleep and Rest

05 What I Care About

06 Being Present

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