3rd-Arc is a conscious journey
of life, aging, and truth.



What is 3rd-Arc?

The name 3rd-Arc represents a new chapter of my adult life. My young adulthood that included rebellion and education on multiple levels was the first; then my marriage to Frank. Now I am single again. Facing my later years. Not stopping, just slowing a little.

The plan is to bring meditation, I am now a 100-hour certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher into the discussion of numerous topics from images of aging, conscious aging, grief, self-compassion, creativity, and more. 

Yesterday is written, tomorrow is unknown. Today is the only time we have to act. Each moment is a new moment. Be mindful and aware.

Breathe Peacefully.





02 Breathe

03 A Little History

04 Sleep and Rest

05 What I Care About

06 Being Present

07 History is Who We Are

08 Letting Go

09 Self Love

10 Life and Death

11 Youth

12 Words

13 Food

14 Surrender

15 Listening

16 Public Words

17 Rituals

18 Authenticity

19 Loss

20 Skin

21 Bloom

22 Doubt

23 Losing Words

24 Forgiveness

25 Kindness

26 No Regrets

Now, lets hear from you…

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